Environmental works-Purification and desalination

River defence and flood protection works, such as the reconstruction of riverbanks, weirs and flood expansion fields, are a sector in which Coseam Italia SpA applies the most innovative technologies with great success. A number of the consortium's members are amongst the European and world leaders in the use of metal palings in this specific context.

Through the consortium companies, Coseam Italia operates, throughout Italy and abroad, in the sector of the design and construction of wastewater, rainwater and drinking water treatment systems. The technical design team boasts many years experience in the field of environmental engineering and is specialised in the design and management of plants, equipment and technologies for the purification of industrial and civil drains, as well as water purification, desalination and reutilisation plants. Coseam's has extensive and in-depth experience in this sector; in particular, the Consortium builds wastewater treatment plants, rainwater treatment plants, mobile purification units, vacuum sewage systems, and treatment and desalination plants. Individual requirements are satisfied by means of a feasibility study, followed by the design phase and, lastly, the construction of the plant. The company performs all purchase co-ordination activities, with a technical-commercial supervisor for equipment and machinery. The supplied plants and equipment are chosen or proposed according to the highest standards of quality and safety. The design team collaborates with major European partners for the study and application of leading-edge technologies in the environmental field.

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