Green economy

Contemporary attitudes mean that in addition to economic benefits, project designs must also consider environmental impact and reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources while minimising the risk of environmental damage.

Coseam Italia SpA moves in this direction both by encouraging its member companies to take the principles of the green economy on board and with supporting actions intended to:

  • encourage companies to convert to green energy sources,
  • improve connections between the worlds of research and the construction business,
  • encourage a procurement policy that aims for the ideal of self-sufficiency in energy,
  • monitor and distribute information about changes to energy legislation,
  • develop forms of public-private partnership for the realisation of projects,
  • guide companies towards sustainable growth within a network approach,
  • play a part in the recovery of existing building stock with a 70-80% reduction in energy consumption,
  • encourage companies to renew their own plant with the installation of modern "intelligent" (domotic) systems for better, more efficient energy use.

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