Maritimes works

Coseam Italia SpA's expertise in the sector of maritime works is particularly impressive: a high degree of specialisation, leading-edge technologies and innovative technical and design solutions integral to its offering. The excellence of its operations are reflected in particular in the installation of metal foundation structures even at considerable depths, the drainage of marine areas, shore defences, and the laying of undersea cables.

The Consortium also has vast experience in the construction and maintenance of harbour infrastructures, in civil engineering works in the harbour sector and in the construction of quays and docks. Drawing on this know-how and its more than twenty years of experience, through its member companies Coseam Italia SpA has constructed large, complex maritime works all over the world. One of the main examples of the Consortium's capabilities is the MO.S.E. (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimental Electromechanical Module) integrated defence system consisting of rows of retracting mobile barrages, intended to protect Venice and its lagoon from the Adriatic Sea during exceptionally high tides; the Coseam Italia SpA member companies did the specialist work required to construct the deep-water undersea foundations.

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