Coseam Italia SpA has an impressive record in the construction of liquid and energy distribution pipelines. It has won major contracts both in Italy and abroad, delivering not only traditional expertise in the construction of gas, water and sewer pipelines but also management services.

The Consortium's offering also includes technical consulting for the preliminary, final and/or construction design of water and gas networks and plants.

In 2007 Coseam Italia SpA signed an 18-year contract with a major multiutility company in the Modena area for management of the complete water cycle. The contract covers construction and maintenance works running from the captation, distribution and delivery of water through to sewer and wastewater treatment systems. This project has enabled the Consortium's staff to build up vast know-how, now placed at clients' service.

Through its subsidiary Sherden Gas SpA, the Consortium also holds the licence for the construction and management of the gas supply systems in the Arzachena, Orani, Siliqua, Tempio Pausania and Villacidro areas (Sardinia).

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