Road and motorway works, special foundations

The Consortium's experience covers all types of operation involving the design, construction, upgrading and maintenance of road and airport infrastructures. Coseam Italia SpA applies the most innovative technologies right from the design phase, with the aid of calculation software to provide the correct design specification for the roadbed lifetime required. The methods and equipment used in construction itself are equally state-of-the-art, for the construction of concrete-stabilised embankments, concrete and bitumen/emulsion-bonded foundations and hot and cold asphalts, as well as special draining, sound-absorbing, anti-skid, transparent and coloured asphalts, slurry seals and surface treatments.

Coseam Italia SpA's vast capacity in terms of both the size and quality of the works constructed has made it a regular contractor to both national and local government bodies.

Local authorities have turned to the Consortium in particular for the management of urban road networks, handled on a "Global Service" basis including the long-term monitoring and maintenance not only of road surfaces but also of flowerbeds, stone pavings, curbs, street furniture, road markings and signs and bridges, all guaranteed by a round-the-clock call-out service.

Coseam Italia SpA is the third largest private investor shareholder in ARC SpA, the company that has won the contract to build and operate the new Cispadana Po Valley Motorway, worth about 1,150 million euro.

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