COSEAM ITALIA  is a permanent consortium  established in 1988 as “ COSEAM” and has been operating since then. In 2010 assumed its current denomination.

Now it is the point of reference inside ANIEM ( National Association of Manifacturing and construction companies); the Consortium itself represents significantly the Italian SME ( Small and Medium enterprises) network in the residential and infrastructure construction system.

COSEAM ITALIA has – at the group level-  assets and equipment of about 130 millions Euro and an annual aggregated turnover  of about  230 million Euro  with a workforce of more than 700 people. COSEAM  has branch offices in Rome, Modena, Milan, Turin, Udine and Venice.

COSEAM is able to operate as a large general construction company  with the combined flexibility and knowledge arising from the distinctive specialisation of individual consortium members. This ability comes on from know-how and managerial skills networking of its members.

The Consortium undertakes projects both in Italy and abroad, involving the complete design and construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, highways, bridges, airports and ports, land reclamation and ground stabilization and consolidations, aqueducts  and gas pipelines, hydraulic works, river and flood defence works, residential and industrial building both in traditional and pre-casted technologies, hospitals, industrial revamping, plant and technological engineering, environmental protection, landfill, water treatment plants such as water purification and water desalination

COSEAM  ITALIA  also has at its disposal all the expertise and facilities required for the production of bituminous conglomerates, high-resistance cement conglomerates.

Furthermore, COSEAM ITALIA has responded swiftly to complex opportunities offered by project  financing in all sectors including energy, environmental, and infrastructure works. Some of these projects include

  • construction and operation of gas supply networks in the Sardinia region ( COSEAM in Sardinia Region is the dealer for construction and management of gas network systems for five districts )

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